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Re/Connection Deck


This deck is intended to serve as a practice you can do either morning, night or throughout your day to connect to yourself and receive the message you need to hear from your Inner Babe at any given moment. This practice helps you communicate with your essence, feeling more centered and connected, while also becoming more emotionally and spiritually present.

View this 50 card deck as a personal treasure chest, filled with your inner knowings. The way we communicate ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives. By choosing to tap into your own internal dialogue at any given moment, you’ll inevitably feel more centered and connected, while also becoming more emotionally and spiritually present as well.

Directions: Find a comfortable place to sit. Set your space in whatever way that feels good to you, shuffle your RE/CONNECTION DECK and place it face down in front of you. Put one hand over your heart and the other hand on top of that hand. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. With your eyes closed and your hands on your heart, ask your Inner Babe for a message. Open your eyes when you feel ready, spread the deck out face down across the floor or space in front of you and pull whatever card you feel drawn to. When you receive the message, just notice it, don’t overthink it. Trust that whether or not it applies or resonates in that very moment or not, it is exactly what you are meant to receive at the moment you’ve received it. Be sure to check in with how you’re feeling.

If you are pairing your deck with the CONNECTION JOURNAL, this would be the perfect time to open up your page, note those feelings at the top and write out whatever might be coming up for you around the message received.

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01. 50 Cards in a Magnetic Closing Box

02. 4 Instruction Cards

03. Perfectly paired with the Connection Journal Vol 2

04. Discount when you buy both the Journal and Deck

$25.00 USD

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“I probably own over 40 decks and I have never been impacted by one like I am by the YIB Reconnection Deck. This deck is not only magic, but it’s literally the gift of self-empowerment right in the palm of your hands! Each pull I learn more about myself and how to sit with myself, but most importantly how to love and choose myself over and over again. Every person on this planet not only needs this deck, but they deserve this deck. For real.”


- Lauren C.

“Pulling from the reconnected deck has become my go to morning routine (or mid day even.) the cards always speak to me in a way that i don’t expect and it feels like a warm hug from the universe. The deck reminds me to slow down and to remember- im always where I’m meant to be. I can’t recommend this deck enough! The perfect gift, for yourself or a loved one.” 

- Jessica A.


- danielle b.


“The reconnection deck is magic. No , seriously, I think it’s infused with magic. It’s my favorite way to start the day. Using it helps ground and center me in the moment and reconnect to myself everyday, but especially on the tough days. It taps into how I’m feeling about myself and shows me what I need to hear when I need to hear it. It’s a daily reminder to trust myself and continue to lean into my intuition. It a reminder of who I am and what I’m working toward everyday.”

- amy k.


"The Reconnected deck has quite literally been life changing for me! I had started a practice of pulling an oracle card each day several months prior to the Reconnected deck being published as a way to connect to myself and help set my mindset and focus for the day. While I found it to a beneficial practice, there were days that the cards just didn’t quite connect. From day one of pulling even just a single card from the Reconnected deck, the affirmations and reminders were so spot-on and impactful that they easily replaced my oracle deck. I now pull three cards absolutely every morning and they are so impactful on my day that I literally take them everywhere with me….



I made a vow to myself in 2019, that I wouldn't ever go a day without writing. These journals are way more than just journals to me. They're safe spaces and support systems. They're my life lines. There are thoughts, beliefs, song lyrics, and poems written in between the lines of my pages that I have absolutely never said out loud. Annnnd now I get to write in them wearing the best yib apparel ever!!
Obsessed, addicted, all of the above!

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