Fears and limiting beliefs are often the two biggest things that keep us stuck and stagnant in life.

When they flare up, it can feel impossible to connect deeply to ourselves, no matter what tools we reach for and how hard we try. Fear tends to hold us back from taking risks that could change our lives for the better and limiting beliefs cloud our judgement, convincing us that even if we try, we’ll fail. 

But in order to make any lasting shift that will clear the way for us to step into our purpose, we must first identify the root cause, where these fears and limiting beliefs stem from. instead of simply putting on a temporary bandaid on it. If we don’t trust ourselves to take the work even the slightest bit further, these patterns will never truly heal.

This workshop was specifically designed to provide you with an array of tools that will cut the cord connecting you to your deepest fears and limiting beliefs, so that you can FINALLY pursue what sets your soul on fire!

saturday, july 16th  +  sunday, august 14th

10:30am - 12:00pm in brentwood, CA 

In this 90 minute, in-person workshop, we will release limiting beliefs, clear false narratives and blocks weighing you down through journaling, reiki, hypnosis, breathwork and YIB coaching.
This workshop lays the foundation for Workshop #2!

lA workshop #1 - clear + connect

journal • reiki healing • hypnosis • breathwork • coaching

los angeles

Working with a mix of practical coaching and spiritual healing yet again, we can take it all 10 steps further because you’re no longer limiting yourself with past negative narratives. We’ll hone in on your dreams and take responsibility for the actions you can take to make them a reality, NOW.

LA workshop #2 - purpose + passion

 All practices will be woven into each workshop. Come to one or both!
You don't need to attend Workshop 1 in order for Workshop 2 to be just as life-altering.
But we challenge you to consider what your life could look like if you committed to both.

attend 1 workshop - $60  -or-  1 workshop w/ a guest - $90
attend 1 workshop - $60 
 1 wksp w/ a guest - $90