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Connection Journal Vol 2

The YIB Method Connection Journal, is an approachable, yet powerful tool to tap into your soul, or what Jacq loves to call, your Inner Babe. 
The practices in this journal come directly from the YIB Method Coaching Programs. It’s filled with the tools that gave Jacq and many clients after her, the space to find their light again. It takes commitment. It takes effort. But the work will work, if you let it. Putting pen to paper, making declarations to the universe and allowing the weight of current feelings to be processed through you, are the stepping stones to a new chapter. The chapter of you. The you, you already are. Your kingdom of self-love and enoughness, is already within. All you have to do, is reconnect.

THE Features

01. Fabric Hardcover Journal with Black Ribbon Bookmarker, 272 Pages

02. Four of The YIB Method Connection Tools

03. Outlined daily and evening practices

04. Coaching cues

05. Bonus week of journal prompts

$39.00 USD


I made a vow to myself in 2019, that I wouldn't ever go a day without writing. These journals are way more than just journals to me. They're safe spaces and support systems. They're my life lines. There are thoughts, beliefs, song lyrics, and poems written in between the lines of my pages that I have absolutely never said out loud. Annnnd now I get to write in them wearing the best yib apparel ever!!
Obsessed, addicted, all of the above!

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