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I've been there.
I felt alone.
I felt unworthy. 
I felt stuck.
I lived every day filled with so much fear.

Fear to be who I was, fear to go after what I wanted in life and of chasing my dreams. The fear was fueled by the obvious belief that none of it was possible, that I wasn't enough, but also the belief that I didn't deserve any of it either. 
My biggest fear of all,
was the fear of being truly happy. 
Until one day... 

I made a choice.

I woke up one morning and decided that there had to be more.
That I deserved more.

That I had to either ask for help, or stop living, because remaining stuck under all of the limiting beliefs, negative narrative and toxic myths I had this false sense of loyalty towards, was no longer serving me. 

'I realized if I was going to make lasting change,
it was going to have to be something I created...'

I connected with some amazing clinical professionals but after what felt like hundreds of therapy sessions, I continued to feel alone. What I needed was something outside the clinical box.

I needed someone who understood exactly what I was going through, someone who could look me in the eye and relate to the lack of self-love I was experiencing on a daily basis. A confidant, a close supporter, someone who would hold me accountable to myself and encourage my bravery every single day.

So what did I do? I became that person. I created what I knew would actually help people like me who are ready to own their inner struggles and turn the whole damn thing around. I created The YIB Method's very first group coaching program, Reconnected.

Any moment of disconnection is a reminder that healing is a forever journey.

Healing will never be linear and I knew I had to create something that we could all return to when we inevitably hit moments of disconnection. Similar to how life ebbs and flows, our connection to ourselves ebbs and flows as well. Each contrast moment or dip is a reminder that we are all constantly evolving. Every single challenge, is a chance to grow and I created YIB’s signature group program to allow for exactly that.

I’ll be the 100% confidence in you,
until you’re feeling it too.

I promise you, we’ve got this.

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Reconnected Group Program Details

6:00pm to 7:30pm cst

90 Minute Virtual Group Sessions
Once a week for 8 Weeks
Two 1:1 Calls with Jacq
Touch Base Texting
The YIB Method Workbook

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WHY I PUT myself
coaching program

I decided to put myself through our signature 8-Week Program, Reconnected. Why? Because, I was feeling extremely disconnected. Yep, I said it. Even after alllll the hard work I had done, even after creating a program and guiding hundreds of women into their own reconnection to self...

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Reconnect, by definition means "to establish a bond of communication or emotion."
How could I ignite this connection when I lived my life full of fear, in utter darkness, and tied down to my past? It's simple. I worked with Jacq. Throughout the 8 week program, I truly transformed. It's not just a reconnection.
It's a new way of life

The self-talk changed. The look in the mirror was more hopeful. The deep breaths became intentional. The awareness was strong. The world around me was clearer. The past stayed in the past. The future looked brighter. The light inside of me shine again. The work is HARD. But isn't living in darkness so much harder? 8 weeks of hard work gave me a brighter, happier, and more peaceful quality of life. My Inner Babe feels like my best friend now. She's with me always, I love myself. And I mean it. I love myself. Throughout the program, I was heard, seen, and supported. I was empathetic towards others' healing processes, and I had group of cheerleaders who wants to see me heal too. I found my voice. I became empowered, and all of a sudden I was no longer living in fear.. I am now fearless. This is an investment in the rest of your life. How do you want to live yours? I can't imagine living without my Inner Babe.

- Ella

Along the way, we’ll meet fated people, reach fated opportunities, but we will also run into inevitable moments of fated disconnection. However, every moment of disconnection is a reminder that healing is a forever journey and staying connected will always be a choice; one that we have to consciously make every single day.

Jacq believes that our lives are mapped out for us by an array of destination points before we’re born. 

My inner babe shows up as my brightest most unapologetic self. My inner babe is the version of me I’m most proud of. 

When I signed up for Reconnected in 2020, I cried to myself and hoped this would end what felt like constant dark days. I remember sharing in group, “ I often feel so lonely even in crowded spaces or with people I love”. Opening myself up to the idea that I could truly embody self love has rewarded me with better relationships, a better career and honestly… just feeling confident every day that I’m exactly who I’m suppose to be.

I’ve done a lot of different types of self-work, but nothing as meaningful, impactful, or unique as Your Inner Babe.

I went into it wanting to change things about myself. I came out learning that it’s acceptance, not change, that is the key to creating a better, stronger, healthier relationship with the truest version of myself. My life changed for the best way possible after eight weeks. It’s easily the best commitment I’ve ever made to myself. And I’m now forever part of a sisterhood of the most incredible, inspiring women I’ve ever met.

- mel

- nicole

You've graduated from Reconnected... Here's what is next...

You have your four wings and now you can fly.
But where are you flying to?  

It's time for 2.0...

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Working through YIB Group Programs

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Connect to yourself again or maybe for the first time. Discover the power of self-acceptance and curate an arsenal of tools to sustain everlasting self-love.

level 2


With this newly found unmatched level of self-acceptance, we take an even deeper dive into what it means to live connected the clearest version of ourselves, every single day.

level 3


The next step is to become known. To embrace who you are. To continually move forward, one step at time. Come back home and allow yourself to just be.

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A chance to revisit the program that started it all. Returning to the original content and practices that changed everything for good, in three weeks, together we redefine, reignite and realign you to your forever. Your Inner Babe.