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11 Things I’m (we’re) loving this December.

I cannot believe it’s already December, the second half of this year flew by! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, find a more productive and efficient way to get you guys the links you’re always asking for in DM.

I’m going to do a monthly round up of my most recent favorite things. Well, let’s be honest. It’s no longer just me and hasn’t been just me for almost 11 months now, so I’ll include Mo’s (or atleast my favorites for Mo), in this list as well! It’s her world, I’m just living in it.


1. Sleepsack
Monrow is pretty much Kyte Baby loyal when it comes to her PJs and sleepsacks, but I recently bought her this HALO sleepsack as the temps have been dropping in Chicago, and she’s so cozy.

2. Full Sleeve Bib
As we know, Mo takes her OOTD very seriously, so this mess proof full sleeve bib is keepin’ us clean while we eat.

3. Fortella Cloud Castle Foldable Playpen
This Fortella Cloud Castle Foldable Playpen has been making my life much easier as she’s gotten more mobile. It’s so cute listening to her play with her toys in there on her own!

4. Bath Books
Obsessing over these bath books!

5. Something Navy Sweatshirt & Something Navy Joggers
Her cutie little sweatsuits for lazy Sunday’s (or basically anytime it’s on Daniel to dress her…)

6. No-Slip Bath Seat
That no-slip bath seat that she could spend hours in.

7. Toniebox Audio Player
Monrow is beyond obsessed with music. I bought her a toniebox and even though it’s a little out of her age range, she’s already figured out how to change the song based on switching out the characters. She’s loving it!

8. Heart Clips
Monrow saw these heart clips on her friend and had to copy. This etsy shop is so cute and has the cutest infant hair accessories. We’re currently waiting for out butterflies, of course.

9. Stylish Pacifier Clips

10. Her Bebe Organic Cotton Onesies

11. UGG Baby Boots
I think these just speak for themselves.


1. Crisscross Jeans
I’m a denim girl, always have been. Some call me a sociopath, but I’d take a pair of jeans over
leggings any day of the week. I’ve been living in my Crisscross Upsized Agolde’s for a while now.

2. Set Active Sweatpants
The sweatpants I choose to workout in. Obviously wear them when I’m not working out too,
but I’m usually sweating in them if we’re being honest. They run big and they’re on sale!

3. Wellness Patches
Fluer Marche Dream Plz. Wellness Patches! Swear I don’t sleep as well without them.

4. Sunglasses
Garrett Leight Sunnies. They go with everything.

5. Coffee / Tea Mugs
Daniel and I started having tea every night before bed when the temps began to drop. We
literally fight over these mugs.

6. Lip Balm
Have one of these lip balms in every single bag, jacket, just about anywhere I can possibly keep
one, it’s in there.

7. Knowell Vitamins
This all-in-one nutritional supplement to support hormone balance, changed my life. Once I was
no longer pregnant, the second I could take it again, I did.

8. Bee Keepers Naturals Honey Cough Drops
Bee Keepers Naturals Honey Cough Drops are a staple in our house. If we ever start to feel any
sign of sickness, pop one of these babies in and I swear the zinc beats it.

9. Brightland Chili Olive Oil
I add the Brightland Chili Olive Oil to every salad dressing I make. Adds a little kick and it’s

10. Dark Blossoms Earrings
You guys are always asking about my jewelry. These are a splurge, Daniel got them for me as a
gift, but I never take them off!

11. Jetz Coat
Obsessed with this coat. It’s vegan shearling with an epic exaggerated collar. Comes in a few
colors. I have the Choco Brown.

xx, Jacq

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