Date (yourself) Night!
Hosted by Jacq Gould

February 22nd, 2024
6:00pm - 8:30pm
Glazed Expressions / 717 W Armitage Ave / Chicago, IL 60614

A night that allows us to shift the focus back onto ourselves, when everything outside of us is making it feel like it we should be doing the opposite.

You won't ever be able to force what isn't meant for you.
You shouldn't ever have to.
Your kindness, your care, your ability to love and your heart make you worthy as you are.

That’s ultimately what will lead you to everything you've always wanted and deserved and we’ll make it a point to remember that in a very intentional way at this GNO. 

(SELF) Love is consistency.
(SELF) Love is communication.
(SELF) Love is acceptance.
(SELF) Love is a sense of safety.

Come join Jacq and the YIB community for a night of self-love and pottery painting. Together, we’ll express ourselves and create our own manifestation plates.

Despite the societal pressure you feel to be on a certain timeline, at a certain place in your life, with a certain someone, you can choose to be so full of love for yourself, that it doesn’t matter who stays or who goes, because you will never run out of it if you love yourself first.