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As Valentine’s Day approaches and you find yourself either, fresh out of a break up or endlessly searching for the “one,” we know the constant reminders on social media (and let’s face it, pretty much everywhere you look) can bring up deep feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and even the fear that you’re the only one not in a relationship. 

Let us be the first to tell you though,  you are not alone. 

And let us also be the first to remind you that the connection you’re craving to feel on the Hallmark deemed holiday of “love,” is something you are 100% capable of giving to yourself. In fact, it all starts with you and it starts from within…

Let us confirm your reservation for two this Valentine’s Day. That’s right, you have a blind date with the one and only, Self-Love. 

This Valentine’s Day, Certified Mentality Coach and your Breakup Bestie, are coming together to help you tap into the magic you have within you. 

Join Jacq Gould and Kendra Allen on February 14th, for a “Date with Self Love.” 

Whether you are going through a break up, newly single, or longing for a partner this is the workshop for you. If you are experiencing anxiety, dread, or sadness with V-Day coming up, let us repeat: THIS IS FOR YOU. 

Join us and together we’ll break up with the shoulds, commit to self-love, and celebrate the most important person in your life- YOU. 

“We’re asked all the time, how do you find the one? Well truth be told, the “one” comes when you’ve chosen yourself above all else. Our relationships in life are a direct reflection of the one we have with ourselves, and what’s the quickest way to manifest the love of your life? That’s an easy one, it’s to fall in love with YOU first.”


Jacq & Kendra


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