Living Worthy

What would you do if you truly believed you were worthy?

Friday, June 7th, 2024
9:30 - 11:30am PDT
MĀVVEN // 15332 Anitoch Street #217 // Pacific Palisades, CA

Every time you attach your self-worth to things that exist outside of you, things like people, jobs and where you live. Things like your achievements, the actions or inactions of people that you love, the opinions and the approval of others, you give your power to external things. You allow them to dictate how you think and feel about yourself and what you truly believe you deserve.

True self-worth isn’t a physical “thing.” True self-worth pays zero attention to anything outside of you. True self-worth is a never ending feeling of wholeness and satisfaction that comes from within. If we choose to remove our attachments to the things that exist outside of us and simply admire the person we are at our core, we allow ourselves the chance to just be. And once you grant yourself that freedom, that is when everything outside of you falls into place.


Everyday we have a choice, to either stay where we are or to move closer to the clearest versions of ourselves. We have the choice to either stay stagnant or to choose to feel alive and deserving of our dreams.

Together let’s reclaim ownership of the person we’ve always been.

Let’s take a step back, check in with how we’re communicating with ourselves about ourselves and remember who we are.

Let’s remember what we’re worth.

Because the words we use become our thoughts, our thoughts become our beliefs, and our beliefs become who we are.

So, I’ll ask you again…

Join Jacq and the YIB community in the pacific palisades at the gorgeous MĀVVEN...

What would you do if you truly believed you were worthy?

Price includes the YIB Connection Journal Vol 2